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Le Chant des mariées
Directed by Karin Albou
Produced by Gloria Films
Screenplay by Karin Albou
Starring Lizzie Brocheré, Olympe Borval, Simon Abkarian, Najib Oudghiri, Karin Albou
Music by François-Eudes Chanfrault
Cinematography Laurent Brunet
Edited by Camille Cotte
Release dates 2008
Running time 100'
Country France
Language French


Meanwhile, in November 1942, the German army invades Tunisia. They begin spreading propaganda to the native Tunisian population telling them they will help to liberate their country from the French and blaming World War II on the Jewish population. After Americans bomb Tunisia the Germans also levy a heavy tax on members of the Jewish community.

Unable to pay the tax Myriam's mother Tita introduces her to a much older wealthy Jewish man, Raoul (Simon Abkarian) who works as a doctor. Myriam is horrified at the prospect of marrying him and lies to her mother and Raoul, claiming she is no longer a virgin. When Raoul questions her he realizes that Myriam does not understand what intercourse is, and decides to go on with engagement preparations.

Nour learns that Khaled has gotten a job working for the Germans and they are to be married soon. Shortly after, the German army, with Khaled acting as translator, search Myriam's home for money and jewels, assaulting her mother in the process. When Myriam tries to bring this up with Nour, Nour dismisses her.

The Germans order all poor Jews to be rounded up and forced into labour camps. Myriam calls Raoul a coward for not going and on her advice decides to volunteer for the camps. He and Myriam are married beforehand however Myriam is too upset to consummate the marriage.

After an air strike comes too close to Raoul's compound Myriam moves her mother, mother-in-law and herself back to the poor tenement building she comes from, but is still shunned by Nour. Nour decides to attempt to read the Koran to see what it says about Jews but cannot as she is illiterate. Her grandfather, seeing that she is trying to read, shows her a passage that says that people of all faith will enter heaven.

Nour marries Khaled and tells him that he is mistaken about his beliefs about Jews. Khaled forbids her from seeing Myriam but Nour tells him the decision ultimately rests with her.

During a night air raid Nour runs to an underground shelter. There she sees Myriam and the two girls run to each other and reunite. Together they begin praying.



  • Festival du Film de l’Outaouais 2009 (Quebec)


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Article #1

Agence matrimoniale spécialisée dans les unions Franco Russes et Franco Ukrainiennes

Bienvenue à l'agence de mariage internationale Bel Amour.

Des services de qualités

Commencez une nouvelle vie.


La rigueur et le serieux d'une agence de mariage de qualité

Des profils contrôlés

Toujours à votre écoute


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