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5 Actors Who Used To Work In Strip Clubs

Men love strip clubs for very simple reasons – they combine two of our favorite things – naked women and (usually) alcohol. Strip clubs used to be seedy establishments in the rough part of town, but they’ve now gone mainstream and you can find them practically everywhere. Of course, there are plenty of prudes out there trying to take away all of our fun, including religious fanatics, uptight wives and radical feminists. Yet despite their efforts, more and more people (women included) are enjoying this simple guilty pleasure. Some strip clubs, like Scarlett’s in South Florida, have become very “couples-friendly” as well.

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We’re in the process of expanding our City Guides [link], and we will include a detailed guide of each city’s strip clubs. Here are some highlights:

We’re working on city guides for New York (great clubs but very expensive), Las Angeles (terrible strip clubs because of politically correct politicians) and Miami (the clubs promote “friction dances” so you know they have to be good).


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Strip Clubs in Montreal: A Complete List.

We here at Connected Montreal are strip club afficianado’s. We’ve compiled a complete list in no particular order of all the strip clubs in Montreal.

  • Evenings only
  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • shots
  • Lesbian show in VIP Booth – 20$ per girl per song. (40$ total a song)


Chez Paree
  • Entrance to the lap dance booths – 5$ each time you venture to the back.
  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • Non-Contact Lap dances – 10$ per song
  • Monday-Saturday open during the day (3pm)
Club Downtown / Club Grand Prix
  • Contact Lap Dances – 10$ per song
Super Sexe
  • Entrance to the lap dance booths – 10$ each time you’re upstairs.
  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • Private Rooms with Beds (for the girls not both of you!)
  • Lunch Buffet (tread carefully)


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