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TOP 3 GAY Clubs in NYC El Morroco, STAGE 48, Club XL Brice & RichSTAR PRIDE

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Where are all the gay bars in Tucson?

One of the most active areas for gay, lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQ and strait people to socialize is downtown all throughout the light rail district.

The light rail travels to all the downtown hot spots. It goes from the Mercado through downtown on Congress St.  And then from downtown, it goes up through 4th Ave and on to the U of A main gate square area.  There are currently over 30 bars and clubs to explore and more and more keep popping it everywhere. It’s an exciting time to live in and visit downtown Tucson!

There are so many neat places to choose from it’s hard to choose favorites because every place has it’s own style, vibe and perks but here are a few places that have good drinks.

If you are looking for a good craft cocktail or craft beer, I highly recommend Reilly’s underground speak-easy style bar or 47 Scott, a secret, hole-in-the-wall bar.

Both bars are in downtown Tucson and are actually right across the street from each other on Scott and Pennington right off of Congress St. Tell one of the bartenders that you want something sour and fun and they will make you something delicious and creative. Both of these gems feature amazing bartenders and an incredibly diverse and comprehensive bar complete with tinctures, aperitifs and digestifs. The bartenders are not simply pouring drinks, they are mixologists.

Oh and don’t forget Pasco

One more drink you should try is the Father Kino margarita at Pasco. Pasco is located at the University of Arizona main gate.  It’s not your typical margarita and it’s one of my favorite. This bar uses many fresh juices and herbs in their concoctions.

Some times you may want to visit gay bars, and we honor that. Please see the list below of gay bars that are currently open in Tucson.


Brodie’s TavernIBT’s (It’s About Time)

Why does Gay Tucson keep information about closed gay bars?

We keep this information for our friends from out of town. Those who may have been to one of these gay bars in the past and need to know that they have closed.

Yard DogClosed

New Moon



Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness


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    Using it to describe an object, such as an item of clothing, suggests that it is particularly flamboyant, often on the verge of being gaudy and garish. This usage predates the association of the term with homosexuality, but has acquired different connotations since the modern usage developed.

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    • The concept of a "gay identity" and the use of the term gay may not be used or understood the same way in non-Westernised cultures, since modes of sexuality may differ from those prevalent in the West.[38]
    • The German equivalent for gay, schwul, which is etymologically derived from schwül (hot, humid), also acquired the pejorative meaning within youth culture.[39]

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