Brothels list

Brothels list

We hate to state the obvious, but will anyway. Sex sells. And the legal, licensed brothel business is big business. In Germany alone, it is estimated that brothels take in excess of EUR15 Billion a year. That’s over billion.

With prostitution legal in many countries of the world, the brothel business has grown exponentially. Brothels do pretty well, even if economic slow downs impact their business.  And in good times, they thrive. There are the lower-end, slightly quirky brothels of Amsterdam featuring window prostitutes. And there are the cheap and cheerful, in your face brothels, in places like Thailand, where just about anything goes.

But just like everything else, the brothel business has a distinctly higher end, where luxury and service comes at a price. Only high rollers need apply. Alongside luxury brothels such as Club LV in the Netherlands, a new breed of brothel is springing up. Forget middle aged men. What places like Café Mellenium in San Paolo, Brazil are aiming to do is to draw in young, well-heeled males, who come complete with expense accounts and Gold Cards.  This new breed of brothel combines the dance club and brothel, sometimes with retail even thrown in.

Here are 15 high-end brothels from all over the world.  And, by the way, they are perfectly legal.

15. Club LV – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Club LV is a high end brothel that claims to be the most famous “sex club” in Amsterdam. It also runs the Lady Valentine “high class” escort service. The décor is modern, the vibe laid back, with a little Asian kinky and gilt thrown in. In a hurry for an escort? Give them a call and they guarantee to have a girl knocking at your door within a half hour. If you want to drop by the place, it has 8 luxury rooms with a tasteful scattering of leopard skin. Rest assured, the place gets very high marks for its discretion. Pity about the expensive drinks. If you are expecting to find pricing information on the website, you would be disappointed. If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

14. Yab Yum – Amsterdam, Netherlands

13. Gentlemans’s Club Leonardo – Prague, Czech Republic

GC Leonardo resembles an upmarket, modern European hotel, with sleek furnishings and subdued lighting. And it comes with a quality guarantee. Didn’t get what you paid for?  They will give you an hour free. They are up front about their rates and charge around 0 an hour. Ask for your VIP Gold Card after your first “service” and get a discount on the next service, meaning your next hour will be a bargain at around . Want an escort for 24 hours? That’s around 00, whether you are a VIP Gold Card holder or not. And did we mention the VIP roof garden? Complete with a hot tub and, presumably lounging ladies.

12. Lush – Marcoola, Australia

Although they are a little vague about what they get up to, this place has “sexy guys” on offer, alongside the hot Sheila’s. The “Premium” 60 minute service is AU0. Strapped for cash? Try the 20 minute peep show for AU0. Try the Diamond or Platinum suites on “Cheeky Tuesdays” and get AU off. They say they are the sexy side of the Australian Sunshine Coast. You can lounge on nearby beaches and recover from your Lush experience, and don’t forget to plan your next visit. To help you plan, a roster of ladies is posted every day. Apparently the “guy service” is only available at weekends. We wonder what that’s about.

11. Sheri’s Ranch – Pahrump, Nevada

10. Bernds Sauna Club – Hennef, Germany

The Germans love their saunas. If they are nude, all the better. And this place is a nude sauna and brothel combined. The ambiance is slightly dated European 1990’s, but with all the girls and all the nudity that surrounds you, you probably won’t notice. Apparently, they dress up for special occasions like Mardi Gras and Christmas. The girls parade around in costumes, until they take them off. But then that’s another story altogether. Tired out from the pools, the sex, and the girls? Try lounging out of doors in their garden. Check out their rewards program. More for less, kind of thing.

9. Pink Palace – Melbourne, Australia

From the outside, this place looks like a small office building, until you spot the neon signs. Inside, you get mixed vibes. The bar and lounge resemble a Victorian men’s club with Persian rugs, velvet sofas, wooden bar and (of course), pool tables. But enter the inner sanctum and you enter a mixed world that combine bordello red and gilt and classic rooms, with a touch of Greek columns thrown in. The best bargain is the 20 minute day shift service at AU0. At night, expect to pay 0 an hour. As these things go, the 1 hour escort service is a bargain at AU0. No word on whether taxi fares are included.

8. Paradise – Germany

It started in Stuttgart. And it was so successful, they now are all over Germany. Imagine a chain of brothels. Like Burger King, you are guaranteed the same decor and standards. Welcome to Paradise. Think Moroccan meets casino vibe, and you’ve got Paradise down pretty well. Clients stroll around in wine-colored bathrobes, while the girls cuddle and chat up and negotiate. The place is big, a mega-brothel. Germany only legalized prostitution in 2002, triggering a booming growth in the legal sex trade. And Paradise is there to be legally experienced.

7. Stiletto – Sydney, Australia

This place is opened 24 hours a day and offers an intriguing combination of “style, sex, and theater”. Theater? You can start with the basic Betty Boob room or trade up to a Suite, with an hourly rate of AU0 (minimum of 3 or 4 hours). Before deciding on your special lady, lounge in your very own private waiting room meet and greet, while a string of lovelies come in to “introduce themselves”. We wonder what they talk about. Or try an escort for a mere AU0 an hour (including cab fare). The ambiance combines club with modern, sleek lines and just a touch of kinky. Well, it is a brothel.

6. Cafe Millenium – San Paolo, Brazil

5. Harem – Melbourne, Australia

Well, the bad news is that the escorts cost AU0 an hour. But the standard service at the brothel costs 0 an hour. Oh, fantasy services are available. For a price. The meet and greet areas have a 19th century feel, with lots of wood and gilt. In the individual rooms, there’s lots of gold statues, leopard print and columns, a kind of Roman bath meets cat house kind of feel. If you want to get the lay of the land, they will give you a “private” tour of the place. Harem is, of course, not called a brothel. It’s a “Gentleman’s Club” that has been providing its services to gentlemen, couples and ladies, for over 25 years.

4. Utopia – Bangkok, Thailand

With minimalist designs and clean lines, you could be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled into an upmarket Asian hotel. It’s the super-sized scantily clad “model” pictures everywhere that tell you differently. Some rooms come complete with hot tubs and saunas. Thai’s are big on their “entertainment complexes” and Utopia offers multiple floors with varying services (and costs). Check out the “Model of the Month”, Fah, a 22-year old Thai girl who lists her hobbies as cooking and playing sports.

3. La Belle – Bangkok, Thailand

This is Utopia’s “sister brothel”. Same upmarket hotel vibe over a number of floors, with escalators everywhere and hanging glass chandeliers in the public areas. You will be happy to know that all the girls are cute and friendly. The rooms are sleek and modern and are resplendent with giant murals of girls, with little on save for a hat. Like most Bangkok brothels, there is not much information on pricing or services. But then again, it is Bangkok and we assume that just about anything and everything goes — for a price. They say they are Bangkok’s leading entertainment complex.

2. Ginza Club – Sydney, Australia

Welcome to Sydney’s leading Asian brothel. Australian brothels tend to be more open about pricing than some others, and the presumably superior Gold Service is AU0. A couple notches up the pricing ladder is the Diamond Service, that tops out at AU0 an hour. You can play Japanese Emperor in the Japanese room, or play King in the Regal French suite. We are not quite certain what the bed surrounded by a presumably lockable cage is called, but we have some ideas. The girls are Japanese “sexual artists” who offer a “full exotic” service. At Ginza, the themed rooms provide a fantasy element that means fantasy is included in the price. Spa service is extra, though.

1. Penthouse – Sydney, Australia

Another place that will remind you of a sleek, modern hotel. Stroll down Pitt Street in Sydney and spot the discreet unmarked door between Hungry Jack’s and the Vodafone store and you are there. Inside, there is a mild Art Deco feel, with scalloped mirrors and round lines. The rooms have walk-in showers and subdued Art Deco style lighting. The Australians do a pretty good job of upmarket gentlemen’s clubs, and Penthouse is a prime example. The website lets you find your perfect lady by specifying stature, figure, eyes, hair and nationality. A kind of build-your-Barbie kind of exercise.


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This isn’t my first time in a brothel. In Bangkok aged 19 I checked in to a place called Mango Inn with two school friends. Within a couple of hours we’d seen enough to get the joke. But that scuzzy little concern, with its scarlet-haired manager and beery tourist crowd, was seriously small fry compared to this.

Paradise is a chain, like Primark or Pizza Hut, with five branches and three more on the way. So business is booming, I say to Michael Beretin, a partner in the company. “Yes, yes!” he laughs, his £100,000 Audemars Piguet watch glinting in the light of the pierced metal lamps.

Beretin, a shamelessly flirtatious man with a grin like Jack Nicholson’s Joker and a habit of slipping between English and German mid-sentence, is about to open the 15,000 square foot, 4.5 million-euro Paradise Saarbrücken. It’s modelled on the Stuttgart flagship, which he invites us to visit on a day blighted by icy, spitty rain. Each of its six floors is picked out with a thick stripe of burgundy cladding making it look from the outside like a very tall, stale slice of red velvet cake. Inside, it’s baking. “Take your clothes off!” cries Beretin, tugging at my coat.


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Brothels are brothels. We all know what goes on. In Nevada, the only State that allows brothels, there is a home-ranchy vibe. Then there is the kinky side of brotheldom. Firmly at the top of the kinky list are the Japanese sex doll brothels. Yes, sex dolls. You can sleep, cuddle and whatever, with a realistic looking silicone Barbie doll. Well, it is Japan.

Sometimes brothels are innovative. In France, prostitution is legal, but soliciting is not. So, if you see a line of white vans parked at the curb, you are probably in the midst of a rolling brothel. Door open? That’s code for come in. Door closed? Come back later. All without a single word, or look. Are parking fines a legitimate business expense in France?

Then there are the in your face, no holds barred kind of brothels. In Bangkok’s notorious Patpong “entertainment” district, there are nude shows, “massages” and a night market where you can buy souvenirs. Souvenirs?

Prostitution is legal in almost half the countries around the world. And that means big bucks, or yens, or Euros for the brothel business. Read on to find out about the 15 quirkiest brothels in the world.

 15. Villa Tinto – Antwerp,Belgium

who reportedly has advised the likes of Brad Pitt. Choose from 100 working girls who work shifts and provide 24/7 service. A “we never sleep” kind of place. Apparently, there’s even a bed and breakfast. Gives a new meaning to breakfast in bed, doesn’t it? It’s even got a review on Trip Advisor. Who would review a brothel?

 14. Stiletto – Sydney, Australia

It’s billed as a short stay boutique hotel and brothel. It’s got a definite retro feel to it. Start with the basics (huge round bed and mirrors) in the James Bond room, or graduate to the Level 2 suites at 0 an hour (3 or 4 hour minimum), with all the basics plus a pole dancing stage, pool table and club lighting. What’s with the pool table? No appointment is necessary and walk-ins are welcomed. The rate includes the basics (you know). Want passionate kissing or playing dress up? That’s extra. Just ask one of the friendly “receptionists”.

13. Big Sister – Prague, Czech Republic

OK. There’s good news and bad news. The good news? The sex with the girls was free. There’s got to be a catch? Big one. You had to agree to be filmed doing whatever it is you did. Think of it as an amateur adult entertainment video. Then, your big closeup is broadcast on the club’s pay-per-view site. Oh yes, it was also used by real adult entertainment filmmakers to film their masterpieces. There’s more bad news, though. The club closed in 2010. But it’s a pretty tidy little idea we think, if you like that sort of thing.

12. The Sex Doll Brothel – Japan (and the World?)

11. Mustang Ranch Resort – Sparks, Nevada

At a loss for what to do in Sparks, Nevada? Try the Mustang Ranch Resort. That’s code for full-service brothel with stilettos and cowgirl hats. “How’s it hanging?” is heard an awful lot there. Play cowgirls and Indians in luxury, that comes complete with the Wild Horse Saloon and Steakhouse, the Museum (of what?) and the Mustang Ranch Lodge. Oh, yes, then there’s the brothel. Just 10 miles outside Reno, take Exit 28 off Interstate 80 and start your hangin’ adventure. So, relax, eat and play. And enjoy the view.

10. Maison d’Envie – Berlin, Germany

It’s a “Haus de Lust”. Maison d’Envie has gone green in a big way and offers a discount for bikers and public transport users. Roll up and show proof that you used public transport or present your bicycle padlock key and claim a .50 discount. Every little bit helps. Plus, Maison d’Envie clearly believes in saving money and living better. Take the 20 minute quickie for . Check out the four-poster beds with posts that look anatomical, if you know what we mean. Subtle it ain’t.

 9. Daily Planet – Melbourne, Australia

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary low-rise building. But walk into the place, and you find yourself in a Greek or Roman fantasy world, with sumptuous furnishings, columns, statues, bathing pools and, oh yes, plenty of lovely Sheila’s. It was the first brothel to be listed on a stock exchange and was voted “Best Brothel Overall” in the Australian Adult Industry Award, for 7 years running. And in case you are interested in putting your money where your whatever is, the Australian Stock Exchange trading code is PPN. Look at it this way, even if you lose money, the company meetings will be a hoot.

8. Nana Entertainment Plaza – Bangkok, Thailand

Think of this place as a sex shopping mall and you’ve got the idea. Multi-leveled and packed with bars, shows, brothels and who knows what else, NEP has it all. The main bars to hit are Rainbows 4 and Angel Witch. Watch out for the lady-boys that prowl the neighborhood drumming up trade. If you want to take one of the bar girls (or boys) out of the bar, you pay a steep bar fine. Where do you take them? Relax. There are 5 working girl-friendly hotels within easy walking distance.

7. Centaurus – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

6. Pascha – Cologne, Germany

If Nana Entertainment Plaza is a sex mall, this place is (literally) a sex hotel. Imagine 12 stories and nearly 100,000 square feet of brothel, and you’ve got the Pascha thing down. Working girls rent rooms there for around 0 a day and sit outside their rooms negotiating with the 1000 punters a day who roam its halls. It is the largest legal brothel in Europe. They do unexpected things like host a Mother’s Day tour of the place for women. Show mom something completely different. With 365,000 men prowling its halls and rooms in a year, you won’t be surprised to hear it looks a little tired. Wouldn’t you be?

5. Alien Cat House – Amargosa Valley,  Nevada

4. Gotham City – Melbourne, Australia

Claiming to be a 6-star brothel, with over 150 working girls, it’s 6-star luxury with fantasy-themed rooms and futuristic decor thrown in. While you are there, enter the draw for the free 1/2 hour session (worth AU0) or buy a AU gift certificate for the man who doesn’t quite have everything. And it’s convenient too. You can check availability (of the girls) online. We’re still trying to figure out what they mean by “free accommodation for Interstate and Overseas ladies.” Visiting working girls?

3. Moonlite Bunny Ranch – Mound House, Nevada

2. Presidential Suite – Seaford, Australia

This place combines the glories of Greece and Rome, the vibes of an Asian tea room, and the ambiance of an upmarket hotel. Lots of candles and golden statues, together with modern white walled space, with the odd figure of a Chinese god thrown in. Voted Best Australian Brothel in 2012, it is located in a suburb of Melbourne. Go for their “Happy Hour” discounts between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. each Saturday. And be sure to ask about their Client Loyalty Program. Buy 10 and get 1 free?

1. Sheri’s Ranch – Pahrump, Nevada

If you are in Las Vegas and in a hurry to find a brothel (brothels aren’t allowed in Sin City), Sheri’s is the closest place. Take the complimentary shuttle from Vegas and do your thing at the Ranch. Too exhausted after sampling the delights at Sheri’s? Sheri’s has a hotel on site. No word on the availability of room service. Check out the menu of sex services before deciding on your pleasure. Fancy the nude massage or a bit of spanking? Sheri’s girls are there to help. The funniest Yelp reviews about the place are from people who booked into the hotel without knowing about the brothel. Mommy, why are those ladies practically naked?


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