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Last night, a group of 39 people, believed to be from Eritrea, were being towed to shore on a dinghy by an Armed Forces of Malta patrol boat after one of them made a distress call using a satellite phone.

The immigrants included three women and two children. They were found 65 miles off the south coast of Malta.

On Thursday, AFM personnel escorted a ship carrying 28 illegal immigrants into harbour.

An AFM spokesman said an unidentified vessel was spotted on radar cruising some 25 miles off the coast on Thursday afternoon.

The ship was escorted to Malta by AFM patrol boats and was found to be carrying 28 illegal immigrants from Somalia.

The police were called in and the Somalis were given a medical check and first aid where necessary.

All were found to be in good health and were taken to the AFM barracks in Safi where they are being kept. The group consists of 25 men and three women.


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Malta is a country in the Southern part of Europe.  It is made up of a great group of archipelagos situated in the Mediterranean Sea. There are houses which are of free structures still existing in Europe.  Malta is fairly rich in history. London is a significant place of business that can be run prominently through out the city. It is well known for the monuments, buildings that are famous, and the excellent architectures that still stand erect even now. The Maltese girls hold a natural beauty of their own; they are beautiful and splendid with their figures. Since London has now become one of the leading providers of escort services in the world compared to other cities, the Maltese escorts started to spend the escort business over here also.

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London is well known hub of fashion and beauty all over. The latest designs and brands are now ranking among the international market of present economy. Here standing in this fashion horizon, the beauty of the Maltese escorts can keep their customers feel the naughty pangs of sexual desires still alive for a long term under the belly line. The service industry of the escort is growing on a large scale, and therefore is grooming their escort employees the best treatment they can give to the customers who are mostly tourists and travelers, who have come on a trip to London. Since the city of London is among the list of loved cities in the world, therefore the business hub is developing to its brim. One can make his own choice of escort girls from the lot they are providing.

If any individual do not want to contact the escort agencies, they can look for the details all over the internet and can easily book an escort for their own physical enjoyment. The profiles of the escorts are all trusted and the rates are all available in the respective portfolios. The Maltese escorts in London are all expertise in the fields of satisfying their clients, and take full care that they do not return half satisfied from the escort girl. Once an individual decide to contact the escort agencies, they are rest assured that the agency will take good care of their requirement and see to it that they do not face any problem till the time they are with their chosen girl.

Perfect girlfriend attitude

A Maltese escort in London is famous for her perfect girlfriend attitude towards her client, and satisfy sexually and physically to the brim of his heart. After that he would not be having any complain regarding the service that is being proved to him to settle down his immense sexual urge. The escort girl who is allotted for the purpose is enough expertise and very good in communication therefore they are mostly preferred by the clients and some of them get booked repeatedly by the same client. This is so because, the customer cannot forget the essence of sexual act given by that particular escort.

Trustworthy service for the clients

The Maltese escorts in London prove to be like best guide who can be taken to shopping as their tastes regarding this are classical. They are trustworthy while a person is sharing their feelings with them; they deal with it very carefully.


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