Libya escorts

Libya escorts

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2 Mirage F1 Fighter Jets Escort German Passenger plane out of LIBYA!

The State of Libya, situated along the Mediterranean Sea on Africa’s northern coast, shares borders with Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria and Tunisia. Inhabited by its native Berber population since the Bronze Age, the region has variously been ruled by Persians, Egyptians and the Roman and Ottoman Empires. Its capital city of Tripoli is home to more than one million of the nation’s roughly six million residents.

Libya emerged as an independent kingdom in 1951 after serving as a key battleground in World War II. Its relatively poor economy was given a major boost in 1958 with the discovery of petroleum. To this day, oil accounts for some 80 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product and Libya continues to boast the largest proven reserves in Africa.

In 1969 a group of officers led by 27-year-old Col Muammar el-Qaddafi ousted King Idris I in a coup. Qaddafi would remain Libya’s de facto absolute ruler for more than 40 years, establishing a policy of Arab nationalism and a unique, if erratic, admixture of socialist policies and anti-Communist principles.

Qaddafi was pushed from power by a popular revolt in 2011 amid Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East. He was killed the same year following a six-month struggle between loyalists and rebel militias that eventually gained significant military support from NATO.

The country has since

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Libyan Escorts

Libya is a country located in North Africa. Despite its huge proportions (ranking seventeenth largest country in the world), it has a fairly low population. But owing the large amount of petroleum found within its borders, Libya has the highest Human Development Index rating in all of Africa. It is also the only country in the world to have only one colour and no insignias on its national flag – its flag being a pure, solid green.

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