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Brisbane Male Escorts – DaneGentleman on the streets. Freak in the sheets Brisbane Male Escorts – JoshuaThe Natural Charmer Brisbane Male Escorts – MarkThe Perfect Companion Brisbane Male Escorts – Ryan JamesNot Your Typical Male Escort Brisbane Male Escorts – Appear HereClick on Me to Find out How Brisbane Male Escorts – MaxA Fitness Model with a Difference Brisbane Male Escorts – WilliamThe Peoples Champ Brisbane Male Escorts – QA Little Bit Different. Brisbane Male Escorts – Max BayMaximum Pleasure Brisbane Male Escorts – SteveThe Sophisticated Gentleman Brisbane Male Escorts – SamuelYour Maltese Falcon Brisbane Male Escorts – MitchThe Perfect Ingredients Brisbane Male Escorts – AdamAdam for Eve Brisbane Male Escorts – G.I BroMr. Natural Brisbane Male Escorts – SteveExperienced, Articulate, Educated Gentleman Brisbane Male Escorts – MarcoTravelling Italian Brisbane Male Escorts – BazRelaxed Gentleman to Put You at Ease Brisbane Male Escorts – TysonSophisticated, Young and Classy Brisbane Male Escorts – AdonisWhen Only the Best Will Do Brisbane Male Escorts – PierceShaken but not Stirred Brisbane Male Escorts – ChristopherThe Ultimate Boyfriend Experience

Male Escorts Brisbane

Why Hire a Brisbane Male Escort ?

  • You may be in need of a last minute handsome, articulate date to  accompany you to work or social events.
  • Perhaps it’s time for a worry free, no strings attached dinner, theater, movie or concert date.
  • Maybe just moved to Brisbane, here on business or holidays and you would like a handsome man to show you the best sites Brisbane has to offer.
  • Feel safe with a Brisbane Male Escort accompanying you on an expensive days shopping spree.
  • Want a safe night out, a Brisbane Male Escort can be your nominated driver whilst you let your hair down.
  • Need to confide in an independent intelligent, articulate man to help provide you with a male perspective on life.
  • Recapture the passion and excitement that life has to offer the full services of a Brisbane Male Escort.
  • You might be a busy career woman or single lady with children and don’t want the complications a relationship brings.
  • Perhaps you are just not interested in the trivia of domestic bliss. Some time with a Brisbane Male Escort may be just the thing for you.
  • Maybe your recently separated  and suffering anxiety or low self esteem,. let a Brisbane Male Escort help you get back on your feet.
  • There maybe no other reason to hire a Brisbane Male Escort other than self gratification guilty pleasures, because you can.
  • The best thing is that many of the listed independent Brisbane Male Escorts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interview with Independent Brisbane Male Escort Steve

Male Escorts in Brisbane Your Next Step

Male Escorts Brisbane History



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"As for New York City, it is a place apart. There is not its match in any other country in the world."

- Pearl S. Buck

Indeed, New York is like a country in its own. You can travel across the globe and you will find no other place that will even come close to what New York has to offer.

The Capital of the World, it is known is for its wealth, diversity, financial influence, landmarks, and entertainment. A true Melting Pot, it is a place like no other. Its restaurants, night clubs, bars, museums, boutiques, spas, museums, and theatres is the best in the world. On one corner you have the world famous Le Cirque restaurant. For more than 25 years it has hosted some of the most elegant affairs and banquets attended by the rich, famous and powerful.A short distance away is the PDT, short for Please Don’t Tell, a “not-so-secret speakeasy” according to the New York Times where you can have classy cocktails and wine along with their famous deep-fired Jersey style franks. Then if you want arts and entertainment there are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the Museum of Modern Arts. At night you can simply watch a world-famous Broadway show, an opera or concert at the Carnegie Hall or the Lincoln Center.

So, whether it is your first time in the Big Apple or you live in this magnificent city, you have the chance to have the most wonderful experiences here in NY. Here in New York is where things happen. It is your one big playground. Here is where women really work hard and play even harder. For many NY women, one of the best ways to enjoy the Big Apple is by havinga private escort or gigolo.

Take a Bite of the Big Apple

Here in NY many women live their lives to the fullest by having their own private male escort or gigolo. It is quite common to find women with their escorts jogging or strolling in Central Park. Women New Yorkers knows how to have fun with their escorts. You too can enjoy this magnificent city with a gigolo to be with you on dates, parties and other social gatherings. With me, we can go watch the latest Broadway hits. We can go to museums and see the latest art exhibits. You can even take me on private parties and introduce me as your boyfriend if you want. As we are in New York, the world is your oyster. You have the freedom to enjoy your individuality and femininity. We can start the day jogging in Central Park or having a bagel in one of New York’s cafes. If you love the outdoors, we can do a little exploration. Do you know that the State of New York State boasts of being home to more than 50 species of wild orchids and it has more than 70,000 miles of water, in the form of streams and river? We can have a romantic time exploring the famous gardens in and around the city. Then later in the day we can go boating and watch the sunset together. By nigh, we can enjoy the famous New York nightlife. We can go bar hopping or we can watch a concert or an opera. Or if you want, we can stay home and enjoy the most erotic and romantic night between the moon and New York City.

What you can expect from me?

Here in New York anything is possible so I can be anything that you want me to be. I am a professional escort or male companion. This means you can take me to parties and other social gatherings. You can show me off to your family or your boss. Do not worry, I am quite educated and can hold my own in any conversation.

I am an international escort and offers my services in Sydney, Los Angeles and here in New York. I have international clientele who from time to time take me on out of town or out of the country trips.

Why it is safer to hire a freelance male escort in NY

Let’s face it. New York with all its splendor and glory also has its share of crime and shady characters. You will find many of them in escort agencies. Why? Because the majority of escort agencies are open to just about anybody. They do not conduct a background check on their escorts. For them, the important thing is to be able to send someone when a client calls. Second, many of these agencies operate by sending you who is available, not the one you chose on their website. You can check one site and see for yourself. You will read a notice that tells you that if your chosen escort is not available, they will send you someone who is as close to your first choice in looks and personality. So, there is really no guarantee as to who you will end up with.

That is not the case with a freelance male escort. Most of us are students, aspiring actors, models and artist. I for one have already completed my first university level degree and on a second one. With a freelancer, you can do your own background check before hiring the escort. Moreover, most of us freelancers are professionals and know how to protect your privacy. We can have a good time, without you having to worry about your safety and security.


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