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Malé (މާލ), pronounced Mah-lay, is the capital of Maldives. The city occupies the entire islet of Malé and is located at the southern rim of North Male Atoll.


The island is 1.7 km long and 1.0 km wide, but with over 100,000 people crammed onto it, Male is by some measures the world's densest city. The new island of Hulhumalé,in the Hululhe lagoon has been reclaimed to provide some much-needed extra space.

Male is occasionally dismissed by travellers as a mere transit destination with "nothing to do", and it is indeed not a party place. However, it does have a distinctive character of its own, with narrow streets, colorful houses, graffiti and a strong communal feel, and it may be interesting to stop a little longer and soak in the atmosphere if you've got time on your hands. The neighboring islands Hulhumale (artificial) and Vilingili are served by frequent and very cheap public ferries, and provide much quieter get-aways from the capital city. To see the "real" Maldives (i.e. the ones familiar from postcards) one needs to get further away, of course.


Male's main street Boduthakurufaanu Magu, home to banks and most government buildings, runs along the north shore. Roughly in the middle is the square of Jumhooree Maidhaan, a handy reference point since it has a giant flagpole visible from far away. From the flagpole extends a series of ten jetties running eastward, with jetty #1 (the Presidential Jetty) right in front of the square and jetties #9 and #10, used by the airport ferry, at the northeastern tip of the island.

Get in[edit]

Male International Airport (IATA: MLE) [1] is located on the neighboring island of Hulhule. The airport has a good set of facilities, including bank, ATM, pharmacy, internet cafe and a left luggage service (/bag/day) located just outside the arrivals area. For more information visit the friendly information kiosk at arrivals.

Most visitors to the Maldives are met by travel agent reps right outside Customs, who then whisk them away to their resorts by speedboat or plane. If your destination is the city itself, turn right and head for the public ferry dock. Ferries to the city take about 15-20 min and leave every 10-15 min during daytime (Rf.10 or US), every 30 min after midnight ().

Note that you will not be allowed into the airport's air-conditioned departures area until flight check-in opens, usually 2-3 hours before your flight. Facilities "outside" include free showers (bring soap and towel), a basic but cheap cafe, an overpriced but airconditioned restaurant and a Movenpick ice cream shop.

Get around[edit]

Male is small enough to walk around in an hour, and almost all sights are concentrated on the north shore, within a 15-min walk from airport ferry jetty (#9-10).

Public transportation in Male is limited to roving taxis, which charge a flat Rf.25 plus Rf.5 per bag. There are also ferries from the new terminal next to Jetty #10 to the new Hulhumale development every 20-30 minutes from 5 AM until 1 AM.

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Islamic Centre, the largest mosque in the Maldives

Jumhooree Maidhaan, the heart of Male

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