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What makes Russian women desirable to so many men around the world? Sure, some possess the type of beauty that could make even supermodels jealous. They are typically very fashion-conscious and strive to look great even when going to the grocery store. Like with women everywhere, some have great personalities, some do not. Well, there certainly are plenty of beautiful women with great personalities here in the US. Why then would you want a wife from Russia instead? In order to get some answers, I consulted a few American men I know who are married to them.

Not too many years ago, American men did not really have access to Russian women so this made them a rarer breed. Unlike most other races and nationalities, you didn’t see many Russians in America because they weren’t allowed to leave their own country. Once the “Iron Curtain” fell, many of Russia’s once-trapped female population burst out of the country as fast as they could. Nowadays, you find Russian people all over the place.

Could part of the reason be the “mysterious Russian soul,” a popular literary cliche and the way many Russians truly feel about themselves? In my opinion, the “mysterious Russian soul” really boils down to the vast amounts of cultural wealth that is not easily translated into other languages or understood by other cultures. However, that is to be expected with any other culture that has been around for ages. I frequently feel as though the value of the “mysterious Russian soul” has been greatly exaggerated.

The key to this puzzle could be in the fact that part of this “soul” is filled with very traditional family values – similar to those found in America before the whole Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1960’s. We put family a bit higher on the list of priorities and we learn how to perform those roles from our mothers – though I doubt this is always true. Russia is still largely a patriarchal society, although the new generation of women are behaving more and more like the women in the west.

Another part of this “mysterious soul” is that of not being caught up in “keeping up with the Joneses.” Many believe us to not be as materialistic as other women. In all fairness, growing up poor, as many of us did, we learned early on that it is hard to have “champagne taste on a beer budget.” My understanding is that some men think that they can save money dating a Russian woman because they won’t have to lavish her with expensive gifts or that even little gifts seem like great ones because she is used to having so little. I can see where some may believe this but it is not always the case. Sometimes, after you’ve been deprived for so long and you finally have a chance to have things you’ve never thought possible, you end up wanting to make up for lost time 🙂 .

I believe Russian women want the same things in a relationship: honesty, trust, understanding, they want to be loved and respected, sometimes spoiled, and made to feel as though they are the center of their husband’s universe. I have met American men who unwisely think that all we need is a roof over our head to make us happy. I have also met men who think that we ought to be satisfied with less because we are used to having less. All of that is only partly true and largely depends on your relationship; I have been through many ups and downs with my husband and I believe it definitely made our relationship stronger. In the end, don’t b


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