Beautiful russian brides

Beautiful russian brides

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Beautiful russian brides

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Family Values- The main difference between Russian women and Western women is that Russian women do not suffer from the "Cinderella syndrome" so common to Australian, US or UK females. Over–independence and feminism have not spoiled Russian women belief in traditional family values. Unlike their Western sisters they still put family ahead of career.

Age Difference- of 10 - 15 years is regarded as absolutely normal by Russian women. If you are 40+ you could be easily married to the Russian woman still in her 20's, 50+ - in her 30's, etc. An average man can attract a much younger and more beautiful bride in Russia than he ever could home.

Easier to Get- With 10.000.000 more Russian women than Russian men currently living in Russia the number and variety of Russian brides available to you is just huge. You can find Russian bride exactly to your taste and much easier and quicker than in Australia, US or UK.

An Ideal Cultural Mixof modern Western culture and ancient Asian family tradition. Most social and cultural standards of Russian women are not that different from those of Western females. At the same time Russian women view on family duties is very close to the Eastern cultures where family regarded as the most important part in life of any woman.

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